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New Album From Da District

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R.i.p's unknown mixtape was the first original album that any of the members from Da District has done. R.i.P's unknown mixtape is solo album that R.i.P did June 26 2009. The album is currently not on iTunes yet but will be making its Debut Soon!

District 916 is the newest album, finished may 05 2013 District  916 is Lascivious first album. The album is a collaboration between R.i.P and Lascivious with special feature from other Sacramento artist. The album is currently on ITunes!

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Da District was started by R.i.P  and Lascivious on Mar 30 2012, after their former group fell apart due to lack of communication. Da District is hip hop group out of Sacramento California. Consisting of only two members Da District haves no problem traveling to every major city in California and in Nevada and is currently looking to expand.